For me design comes down to one verb: to connect.

From the intricate details of the production to brand management, from the people whose stories I explore and who I tell them to, I, as a designer, am seeking to establish meaningful connections in the human experience. I am genuinely passionate about this field.


During my studies in Industrial Engineering, I acquired knowledge on subjects ranging from entrepreneurship and management to technology and logistics, leading to my participation as head of several projects, where Design methodologies were naturally embedded. Later, I enrolled at ESPM Rio where I pursued a bachelor in Design and Visual Communication. After that, I moved to Chicago to accomplish a Master of Design degree at IIT Institute of Design, widely recognized for its innovation and strategy approach, and to be in touch with a vibrant community of world-class innovators.


At a time when socioeconomic issues are pronounced and, particularly, being born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where social discrepancies are severe, I have always been motivated to engage in the boldness of creating value for those who strive to be heard. I am stimulated by the challenge of the unknown and I see design as a potential future-oriented tool to contribute towards a desirable future. As a researcher and strategic designer, I seek to create transformative outputs for the greater good and, thereby, to extend organizations’ value by translating insights into business opportunities.

Core values


Research to reframe and elevate hidden layers

I am fulfilled by observing and learning about people. Getting immersed in field research helps me map out the context, bring to light non-obvious insights and challenge assumptions.


Systems thinking to demystify complexities

Unprecedented interconnectivity of society has a direct impact in the local lives and wellbeing of people, yet change makers involved in these systems struggle to understand how these forces can shape experiences, limiting their ability to envision sustainable interventions through a holistic approach. Systems thinking facilitates the analysis of contexts, circumstances and flows in order to frame opportunities for a wide-ranging impact.


Transdisciplinary collaboration

I am committed to use tools and methods to promote collaboration between diverse expertises and perspectives in order to enrich the problem-solving process.

design driven




systems thinking

data visualization

rapid prototyping



experience mapping

holistic approach


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