Sparking reflection about housemaids in Rio de Janeiro


How design might contribute to a social transformation?

Elas Paralelas was my Final Project in BA of Design - Visual Communication. The project is about a socially discriminated group in Brazil: the housemaids. This work aims to capture the reality of these workers who are mainly women and have a symbolic role in the Brazilian culture. Through qualitative interviews, they shared intimate and emotional thoughts and experiences regarding to their life stories, resilience strategies and relationships with their employers. The main goal was to provide visibility for the topic and invite people to get closer with the reality, and possibly instigate a behavioral change.


The videos, photographs and stories collected in the interviews resulted in a documentary film.


The flowchart above shows the project process, including stakeholders, opportunities and threats in each step/phase - it was key for decision making and management of existing critical issues

in-depth interviews

"Vera said that she saw herself in the documentary and that she is thrilled to have participated. I want to thank you for giving her this space that made her so happy! I wish I could have watched more of it, because it is so good and engaging as it express the emotion of simple and deep humanity. It is so important to get in touch with their perspective of life, especially for us that live with these people and often we do not realize their personal lives." - employer

social media

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