Reimagining the future of roadside assistance

Allstate + Institute of Design

How might we design a better experience for rescuers,
thereby retaining rescuers in the Good Hand Rescue Network?


Good Hand Rescue Network (GHRN) is a mobile access roadside assistance which is growing, whilst is challenged by the turnover of enrolled rescuers.


In order to better understand rescuers’ journey and to design a potential future service experience, my team collected rich insights extracted out of extensive qualitative and quantitative data, further used to generate ideas and prototypes.

project timeline


Our research began with desk research and an assessment of current journey of rescuers' experience. Afterwards, we did ride alongs, as well as workshops with assistance providers to capture GHRN dynamics and identify future research priorities.


Throughout the semester, we conducted approximately 20+ hours of interviews with rescuers as well as other stakeholders involved such as customers and back-end managers.

research process

Analysis + Synthesis

An array of processes and tools were used to understand fuzzy problems and develop insightful directions to deepen. In this phase we were able to reframe the problem, created and used existed frameworks for analysis, generated insights, and established new perspectives for GHRN.

journey analysis


Prototyping the Future

Although prototyping is often thought of as coming at the end of the design process to verify a solution, our approach maintains that prototyping needs to happen throughout the process from initial research to storytelling, to concept generation, and lastly to refine and improve a selected direction.

process of mapping the future journey

some prototypes tested in the field


Lastly, it was developed key strategic recommendations which could leverage rescuers' experience and engage them throughout all GHRN journey:


1. Create goal-driven experience for rescuers: Rescuers would be more engaged if GHRN offers the option to define weekly / monthly goals and they could see their own evolution.


2. End-to-end experience through one channel: GHRN could offer the same level of experience in the different channels, especially the ones the rescuers use the most.


3. Increase rescuers’ sense of ownership & belonging to GHRN: Stickers for the trucks, T-shirt or vest for the rescuers and toolkit/flares are just some ideas to increase their relationship with GHRN brand.


4. Support rescuers with time & money management tools: With reports and real-time information GHRN could give them tools for better self management.




IIT Institute of Design Students: Julia Rochlin, Ketshi Bavishi, Luciano Annes Nunes, Sai Godha

IIT Institute of Design Adjunct Faculty: Ann Conway

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