Modeling Complexity

miscellaneous works

Modeling visual diagrams is a method to accelerate synthesis and give tangible form to valuable information throughout the development process. Theories of language, visual perception, visual representation and communication are applied to those models. This skill is increasingly important as many challenges that designers are wrestling with involve large-scale problem definition. Also, these challenges include subjects and characteristics too large or numerous to conceptualize using memory and cognition alone.

Sustainable Solutions Seminar: this diagram represents the actual operation of Urban Growers Collective (Chicago, IL) and the impact they are fostering through different levels of interaction.

Communication in the Planning Process: this piece was developed out of a round table discussion at IIT Institute of Design's Design Intersections conference. The main idea of this work was to build up a point of view and translate it into a visual and tangible form to accelerate synthesis and give valuable information throughout the design process.

Service Systems Workshop: represents an experience journey, relating to other layers of information such as pain points, opportunity spaces and overall strategies to work on.

Theory and Foundations of Human Centered Design: mapping user's attention and social cognition in two different moments - right in the moment and over time.

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