Ohad Naharin is an Israeli contemporary choreographer and art director at Bat Sheva Dance Company. His style is distinguished by “stunningly flexible limbs and spines, deeply grounded movement, explosive bursts and a vitality that grabs a viewer by the collar.”


This piece consists of an opening credits sequence intended for a fictional TV series in honor of Ohad Naharin.


Since Naharin’s work is known for its highly experimental aspects, it was essential to explore different methods and techniques in order to match his style. The final result was the recording of a girl dancing with red lights that was overlaid on one of Naharin’s actual choreographies. Aspects such as rhythm, body movement and self expression were key points in the making of the video from pre-production to the editing stage. The chosen soundtrack (“Hey Joe” performed by Charlotte Gainsbourg) intensifies the dramatic facet of the dance and body language, and the collapsing lettering refers to the unique motion that characterizes Naharin’s work.

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