Rocha Barbosa



RBPI - Rocha Barbosa Propriedade Intelectual (“Rocha Barbosa Intellectual Property”) - provides services ranging from legal advice to litigation in the area of intellectual property and innovation. The brand has the commitment and expertise to ensure security to its customers’ intangible assets. RBPI is mostly focused on clients with disruptive profiles of the creative economy and innovation market.


The premise of this work is to reflect the RBPI brand through elements that strengthen its values, expanding the optimism and confidence in the market where it operates.


The project developed at HULA studio involved the creation of both the brand identity and website. The design created captures the distinctiveness that defines RBPI. Rocha Babosa uses visual communication that is modern and functional, with a dose of audacity considering the conservative law market. The symbol of the brand (“RB”) conveys simplicity, professionalism and creativity while also suggesting collaboration through the linking of each piece, which results in a unique form when put together. Along with the symbol, the logotype and the tagline are neutral but still strong and impactful.

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