Practicing vulnerability through a photography exhibition


How might we build a photography exhibition which triggers emotional vulnerability?


Recortados is a photography exhibition project introducing life stories of 20 students from the design program of ESPM Rio.


The exhibition reveals a cut out from the moment where the students shared their stories. The project aimed to make visitants dive into the experience lived by the group.


The developed visual identity uses crops in all forms (graphic, spacial and textual) to represent the concept of the parts which represents the Whole. Although, the project does not miss the singularity of exposing a special proposition and artistic sensibility through photography and its stories.


Graphic material was created and printed as part of visual communication and propagation strategy and a website was developed to serve as an online platform. In addition, a 3D simulation of the space where the exhibition would take place was made to give an accurate idea of how the location would be set up.



postal card

folder side A

folder side B


exhibition space - 3D simulation

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